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  COMPANY 》Developing History of the Company
In nineteen ninety seven,there to be a man never knew what’s the definiteion of un-dry glue,he invested thousands of money earmned from selling manpower in registering “Mei Er Ya” the un-dry glue and paper shop.on the area of 20 m2,the man was always dreaming of becoming a boss.Exactly,in the daytime,he was a boss;in the evening,merely a worker,That kind of life lasted 4 years.
Then poor Mei Er Ya met the horrible Financial Crisis of Asia,At the same,she didn’t surrend ered at discrdtion and find the coordinate of success,but felt dead beat and exhausted.
After the storm,members of Mei Er Ya redirect their position to success along the corrdinate,what they’d suggested was accepted by supporters:they collected over a million capital in one night,Meanwhile,as a common worker,he felt so moved that precous tears fell down frm his eyes,and eventually knew what’s the meaning of the compan’s success.
Ln the name of privately of individually-owned business,we applied for the Ulcertificate and got it,which made us to register “Ming Mei Er Ya papers and packing Ltd.Company”?gracious management and advanced operation mode,we made it at the scratch line.We established our exclusive lab and development team,cooperated with two colleges that lead us to win the trust and long-term cooperation with 30enterprises in the list of World TOP 500Enterprises
Today,we have three kinds of equipment and nine products that are self-developed,which changes the printing history having no self-developed products of Me Er Ya .All 5 Systems of lnternational Certificates and Standards,establishment of 10,000square meters of dustless workshoop equipped with air –conditioners and exclusive labs,10-year manufacturing experience,which prove that we have strong competition and ability to be recognised as the most competitive company in printing industry.Namelly,during the decade we have been developing from scratch to be a leading company producing labels,full-wheel rotary press,screen press,transfer printing barcode and crystal drop-glue printing.
Focusing on what customer need is what customers can rely on us;Flexibility,Multi-function,High quality and Fast Services is an excellent experience but a pursuit.Let us work together and create a brand –new world of printing!
TEL: 0755-89812348 FAX: 0755-27463924 27463976  E-mail: mailto:[email protected]
经营项目: 特种印刷、商标印刷、柯式印刷、铭板印刷、吸塑包装制品、 薄膜开关防紫外线、耐高温耐水、耐酸碱标签、铭牌、专用避震护垫、丝印铭牌