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  COMPANY 》Special Printing Viewpoint of Our Chairman of the board

Special printing :means using special materials,recipes and printing equipment for matching up with the special techology and special production processes,to make products according to special requirements of customers thaat are apt to be applied under special environment. Special

printing products: framework of special printings is very complicated.To take label as an example like an organism that consists of glue,main materials,printing ink and upper film,For they mutually have the same environmental function,so we must take into account of the appetency and consistency of the labeled,and safety and environmental impact of products.As everything has two sides,and the inspection of products has no exception:positive side and the negative.The forward is surface inspection of productstaking tests of visual way,measurement&simple glutinosity;and the latter is internal inspection that needs using laboratory equipment for checking the specified parameters of adhesion force of printing ink,glutinosity,pull-force elongation of products,hot shortness,classof insulation,flame retardant class,het-resistance,water-fast nature,oil-proof,acid-proff alkali-profof,solvent-proof,which is to sustain the quality of products.

Product Development:Related to use of equipment,we have heen developint and researching printing techniques,manufacturing of accessorial materials,macromolecular natrue between printing ink and glutinosity,With the help of the support from two cooperating cooleges,wehave accumulated plenty of experience,Once the Customer brongs forward questions,which will become the theme of our research and devlopment.Where there is customers’great expectation,there is success.letus work together and create a brand –new world of printing!
Science&technology:Connecting the colourful and prospective future.
Faith: Aiming at one target,making every effect to achieve the encouagement of
success. Honesty:Winning good reputation,figuring the brilliant image of printing.
Cooperation:Advocating team spirits,strengthening the power of competitiveness.
Efficiency:Cherishing every beat of the time,Obtaining latest informationin printing.
Achievement:Establishing the throughout with a proper way of growth.

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